Long Stay Offer

To reward your 7-day stay, we give you a discount of 5% in standard rooms and 13% in family rooms.

Oferta Estrella

Oferta EstrellaDescuentos de hasta el 25% Aprovéchate de los "Descuentos Estrella" con los que podrás obtener un descuento de hasta [...]

Non-refundable offer

20% discount for bookings made before January 31st and release of 45 days. 15% discount for bookings made as of February 1st and release of 45 days.

Single-parent Offer

If you are a single parent with children don’t pay more than necessary, take advantage of the discounts offered by Augustus Hotels. Children’s discount: 1st -15% and 2nd -85%.

Roulette Offer

You could be accommodated in either of the 2 Augustus hotels. You will be told which hotel you have been assigned on your arrival.